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So am taking the plunge and using Avid MC 2019 for the edit of the short film, Blood Brothers, I shot last week.

So far I’m not disappointed. The ingest, sync and binning went off without any problems. Content was all linked without codec issues and there were also no problems when it came to using the Autosync option for the sound.

Yes a few things are gone like the edit selection and trim tools from the Timeline window as well as the option for using the Caps Lock for scrubbing, however all of these are available in the command pallet and are an option for a button on the keyboard as well as the tool menus.

All the fast “burger” menus are gone but again those options are there if you right click the mouse in the bins, timeline or monitor windows.

As I progress through this short film I’ll post more on my experience of using the new Avid 2019 but in the mean time I’m happy with the interface changes.

More soon.

Hi All

I was wondering if I could start a conversation on the introduction of the NLE (Non Linear Editing Software) to the editing profession. What are your thoughts on this? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the digital video workstation?

Are there aspects of the Linear world that are missed in todays workflows?

I welcome any comments.

Avid News

Posted: September 10, 2010 in media
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10/09/2010 14:32
Just announced @IBCShow Avid DS 10.5, the first software-only version of Avid’s all-in-one VFX, finishing, conforming solution #AvidBuzz