The impact of the NLE to the editing profession.

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Film, media
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Hi All

I was wondering if I could start a conversation on the introduction of the NLE (Non Linear Editing Software) to the editing profession. What are your thoughts on this? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the digital video workstation?

Are there aspects of the Linear world that are missed in todays workflows?

I welcome any comments.

  1. Mark Griffin says:

    Hi Simon,

    I find non-linear editing software very helpful as its non destructive nature gives you the opportunities to create many sequences of events.

    I use Avid, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro

    I do think the software can still be very expensive for commercial purposes.

    Well that’s just a few of my thoughts


  2. Ben says:

    For me the only way to go is NLE as i record only on solid state media. The biggest advantage for me is being able to see all your footage right there on the timeline and of course being non destructive means you can change anything at anytime. There is also the time factor ! its much quicker than the old linear editing system. When it comes to software i think there are a lot of budget programs out there that can do just as good a job as the “major players” of course the more expensive NLE’S will have the extra features i.e for TV etc. but it really depends on how and where the finished video is going to be presented afterwards. most of my work ends up on DVD or Blu ray and i’m using a budget program (magix pro x) even though ive used final cut and sony vegas, magix does exactly what it says on the tin and is very simple to use 🙂