The Cutting Room

‘Tis…the end

Closed doors of the Museum.

With the recent closure of the Frank McCourt Museum in Limerick, we were on site to record images of the museum as well as an emotional interview with the museum’s curator and founder Una Heaton.

Containing stories of the foundation of the Museum, the many national and international visitors, the unveiling of the bust of Frank by his wife Eileen and family, Una retells her journey and ultimately the very difficult decision to close the doors for the last time. ‘Tis…the end, also frames the many artefacts, the classroom, bedroom and kitchen reconstructions in the legacy this great museum has given to Limerick over the years.

‘Tis…the end, a short documentary, is in post production and will be released very soon.


Before His Eyes

Short Film

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Post-Production has now completed on a new Irish Short Film; Before His Eyes.

Set against the backdrop of late 20th century rural Ireland, Anthony McCourt (Paul Boyle) recounts the tale of his youth, his involvement in the IRA and the devastating repercussions dealt to those around him. Before His Eyes is a short narrative drama with a historical focus, a tale of loss, exploring family, brotherhood and the consuming nature of being dedicated to a cause.

A big thanks to Paul Boyle, Actor/Director and his family for their hospitality during the shoot and to all involved.

Before His Eyes will be making the rounds on the Film Festival circuit in the coming weeks and months ahead.

More info soon but in the mean time check out the trailer below

Before His Eyes TRAILER from Simon McGuire on Vimeo.


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