A community response to a community issue.

The Garda Youth Diversion Project at Moyross Youth Academy in partnership with the Lifesaver Project and supported by the National Ambulance Service, Roads Policing, LIT and others have launched the “Project Off-Road” on Wednesday the 19th May 2021 at Corpus Christi School in Moyross, Limerick City. Project Off-Road is a community response to a growing problem with young men and women who are driving quad bikes and scramblers and other motorized vehicles on roads, paths and across the greens in urban areas. This community based project is aimed at moving these young people away from this dangerous, nuisance and illegal behaviors and onto the track, classroom and workshop with a safe and controlled environment where they can learn about the mechanics of motorcycles and how to drive them properly. The Moyross Youth Academy has partnered with The Lifesaver Project, a road safety education program which has been running in Limerick since 2006. The Lifesaver Project is run by An Garda Síochána and the HSE and supported by Limerick City and County Council. Sgt. Tony Miniter from the Roads Policing Unit in Henry Street said that: “this has been a growing problem in this community and across the country over the past year or more. All too often we see young people driving quad bikes and scramblers across green areas putting themselves and others in danger. This is a fantastic project which is being run by the Garda Project in Moyross Youth Academy which encourages young people to do something they love but in a controlled and safe environment.” Advanced Paramedic Keith Mullane who is the Operations Officer for the HSE in Limerick said “This is a great opportunity for young people to engage with staff from the Moyross Youth Academy who can show them how to use a motorcycle in a safe way, using the proper equipment and follow what they love doing.”    

The event on the 19th May 2021 involved the recreation of a serious road traffic collision involving a car and a scrambler motorcycle. Gardaí and Ambulance staff will attend the scene and treat it as they would a similar collision. The event was witnessed by 6thclass students from Corpus Christi School. It was be followed by a discussion on road safety between the students, Advanced Paramedic Keith Mullane and Sgt. Tony Miniter Limerick Roads Policing Unit and then was followed by a launch of the new documentary on the issue. 

Andrew O’Byrne of the Moyross Garda Youth Diversion Project stated: “during lockdown in 2020, with quieter roads and finer weather we saw an increase in the number of bikes and quads in the area. This prompted us to review our efforts in order to address this. Meeting with a group of like-minded people and agencies, the idea of a road safety awareness campaign was suggested around the proper use of scramblers. The documentary ‘Keeping it on Track’ was planned, filmed, edited and is being launched here today. Many thanks to all those involved who gave so freely and willingly of their time to bring the project to fruition”. The list of those involved is included in the end credit sequence. Tiernan O’Neill, Principal of Corpus Christi Primary School welcoming the launch at the school as we head into the Summer said “the timing of this launch ties in nicely with the Governments Forum on Anti-Social Behaviour who are looking at a three pillared approach of legislation, enforcement and community engagement in trying to address the issue. The motocross project seeks to promote the positive use of bikes and quads in a safe, controlled, regulated and fun way with proper instruction, appropriate safety gear and in a place that eliminates the nuisance, dangerous and illegal elements. The aim is to turn an ‘anti-social’ problem to a ‘pro-social’ programme in what could be a win:win situation for all concerned”.

You can view the documentary ‘Keeping It On Track’ below. This was produced by Simon with the help of the participants and local community.

Click on image to access the link

Tune into some amazing Soundscapes brought to you by Creative Broadcast & Film Production first year Students lead by Tomás Mulcahy, Sound Designer, Composer & audio lecturer.

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To celebrate Europe Day on Sunday May 9th, the EUNIC Ireland Network (European Union National Institutes for Culture) are delighted to present a free online screening of its 2020 Short Shorts from Europe programme. Action, animation, drama – expect this and more from Short Shorts – a selection of European short films from the home countries of eight members of EUNIC Ireland. Let Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain and the UK entertain you with a variety of genres from contemporary, cutting-edge filmmakers.

Shorts from Cork International Film Festival, the IFI and Limerick School of Art and Design will also be part of the selection. Delighted one of our Creative Broadcast Filmmakers was selected to be part of the programme, Congratulations to Amerson Fortunato, his film “Food connects us” was selected to be part of the screening. 
LSAD will also be hosting the 2021 festival later this year. In November 2020 we hosted the festival with a limited audience in the Millennium theatre, this year we are hopeful the festival will be a grander affair and you are all welcome. More details to follow. 

After the screening you will be asked to vote for your favourite film using your phone. Vincent Guérend, French Ambassador to Ireland, Pat Cox, President of Alliance Française Dublin, Christine Sisk, Director of Culture Ireland, and Andy Klom, Acting Head of the European Commission Representation in Ireland, will provide opening remarks. 

Check it out here: 

This short workshop was created for some students on the Creative Broadcast & Film production Programme for a Live Event assignment they were hosting.

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Editing Timeline of the Awards show (Adobe Premiere)

Was delighted to have worked once again on the creation the the awards show for the Richard Harris International Film Festival 2020. As the festival couldn’t go ahead last Oct for obvious reasons the task to ensure the awards show still went on was made.

Congratulations to all the filmmakers who were nominated as well as the final winners.

The show went live on YouTube on Friday 30th April and a link can viewed below.

Creative Technologies students at the Dept. of Digital Arts & Media, LSAD, present a series of music videos featuring up-and-coming artists sourced directly from the Irish music industry. Tune in via YouTube Premiere on Monday 26 April at 16:00 to discover the next chart topper or underground mover!

The artists featured (in order) are:

1. Scoth 

2. Fiontan Cahill

3. Changing Trains

4. Amerson Fortunato

5. Paddy Quilligan

6. Jamie McIntyre

7. Derek Ellard

8. Rob O’Doherty

9. Anna & the Swans

10. Zach Brosnan

11. Billy Hurley

Presenter, Eoin Melia

Check out the trailer below and sign up to register your interest at the Eventbrite page HERE or click the poster above

Here is a new and exciting Scheme for Documentary Film Makers, from Film in Limerick. See the brief below.

Dear Filmmaker, 

We are delighted to share the news with you about our latest short film initiative.

ENGINE Docs is a brand new training and production scheme for emerging documentary filmmakers in the MidWest region. 

Supported by Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board and delivered in partnership with the prestigious Sheffield DocFest in England, ENGINE Docs will train and support up-and-coming talent based in the region to work as documentary directors and producers.Participants at Sheffield DocFest Industry MarketUp to 12 Shortlisted teams will receive training from Irish and international documentary experts to develop their project ideas and 4 teams will be awarded production funding of up to €10,000 each to produce a short 10-minute documentary film.

Shortlisted directors and producers will also receive accreditation for this year’s Sheffield DocFest’s online programme of films, talks and industry sessions, which runs from 4-13 June.Audience at Sheffield DocFestFilm in Limerick is committed to developing and nurturing new documentary film talent in the Mid-West and we are beyond thrilled to partner with one of the world’s best documentary film festivals to deliver this new training and production scheme. Our ambition is that it will offer local aspiring and emerging documentary talent a professional progression route to working in the industry.

Applications are now open for emerging and experienced producers and directors interested in pursuing a career in documentary filmmaking.

For more information and details about how to apply click here.If you have any enquiries regarding the scheme, you can contact us at enginedocsscheme@gmail.com

Deadline for applications is Monday 24 May 2021 at 12 noon


Paul C. Ryan
Regional FIlm Manager
Film in Limerick ENGINE Docs is an initiative of Innovate Limerick through Film in Limerick. It is supported by Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board and delivered in partnership with Sheffield DocFest. We thank all our funders, supporters and champions for helping us to develop the screen industries in the Mid-West.

The next industry focus session from the Creative Broadcast & Film Production Programme at LSAD is with Louise Richardson. Louise is the production manager of Ros na Rún

About Ros Na Rún

Ros na Rún is a soap opera set in the fictional village of Ros na Rún, focusing on the domestic and professional lives of its residents. The only soap in the world which is produced in the Irish language (English subtitles available) Filmed in the heart of the Connemara Gaeltacht in Galway on the Wild Atlantic Way, it is the single largest independent production commissioned in the history of Irish broadcasting and currently the most concentrated production centre outside of Dublin and Wicklow.During this session, Louise will offer an overview of her role as a production manager, the various production department workflows and operating systems, and offer advice to new entrants in preparation for employment. 

We hope to see you all there. Please take some time to learn a little about the company and be sure to catch up on the latest episodes available on the TG4 player. 

Booking is via our eventbrite site. For students of Creative Broadcast & Screen Production Dept Skills there is no need to book as you have already been invited via teams.

The Wee Littles – Magpie 6 Media

Magpie 6 Media in Ennisare currently recruiting for their new animated RTÉjr series. The project has a 12 month schedule and they are looking to fill the following roles:

Production Manager, Production Assistant/Coordinator Trainee, Art Director, Art Department Designer, Art Department Designer Trainee, Experienced Lead Compositor, Experienced Compositor, Compositing Juniors, Offline Animation Editor, Junior Animators, Harmony Riggers, Assistant Stop Motion Set / Prop Builder.

To Apply:
Please read the job requirements below and then email your cover letter and CV to: careers@magpie6media.com , stating in the subject line which role you are applying for.

Please address any queries directly to Magpie 6 Media.


Production Manager

An experienced Production Manager with the following requirements:

  • Be able to work at the studio location in Ennis.
  • Be very knowledgeable in all aspects of the film production pipeline. Knowledge of the animation pipeline is preferable.
  • Responsible of keeping track of projects and assisting in the daily production tasks and ensure the production schedules/quotas are met.
  • Ability to handle approvals from various stakeholders and work as a team with the directors and producers.
  • Using Kitsu Tracking system, familiarity would be great but not essential. Knowledge of asset naming conventions and how to apply them is essential.
  • Have clear, concise verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must be highly organised and have the ability to plan, organize, and administer a complex production with multiple people.
  • Have excellent team working and communication skills.

Production Assistant/Coordinator Trainee

A Production Assistant/Coordinator Trainee who will:

  • Be organised, methodical, numerical, and able to multi-task.
  • Be solution orientated, highly motivated and adaptable.
  • Have excellent time management and organisational skills.
  • Have excellent team working and communication skills.
  • Have a recent third level qualification – this is likely to be in Industrial 
  • Will be working directly under the production Manager. 
  • Work closely with the creative team and monitoring progress of the production.
  • Learning asset management via the Kitsu tracking systems. Learning naming conventions, apply them, and ensure adherence from the creative team.
  • Full time position, in house and must reside within 45km of Ennis (proof of residency is required).

Art Director

A highly skilled Art Director with the following requirements:

  • Proficient in Photoshop. Must be able to work  within the established design style of photo collage/2D Hybrid.
  • Must have 5+ year’s art direction leadership experience in the animation industry.
  • Have an online Portfolio for review.
  • Required to have an intimate understanding of relationships between Photoshop design, After Effects Compositing, Character Design, and a knowledge of 3D is a plus but not essential.
  • Must be able to incorporate PreVis and layout.
  • Be able to communicate effectively with design team, and other departments such as Compositing, Directors and producers.
  • Must be able to handle production schedule including approvals and maintain high quality assets.

Art Department Designer

An Art Dept Designer who is: 

  • Proficient in Photoshop. Must be able to work within the established design style of photo collage/2D Hybrid.
  • Must have experience in the animation industry.
  • Have an online Portfolio for review. 
  • Character design and colourist skills are a plus.
  • Be able to communicate effectively with design team, and follow directions from the department head.
  • Must be able to handle TV production schedule. 
  • Preferred to work in house but will consider remote designers.

Art Department Designer Trainee

An Art Director Designer Trainee with:

  • Good knowledge of Photoshop. 
  • Experience in the animation industry is a plus.
  • Have an online Portfolio for review. 
  • Be able to communicate effectively with design team, and follow directions from the department head.
  • Preferred to work in house but will consider remote designers.
  • Full time position, in house and must reside within 45km of Ennis (proof of residency is required).

Experienced Lead Compositor

An experienced Lead Compositor with the following requirements.

  • Must be proficient in After Affects and have a strong online portfolio.
  • Must have a strong ability to lead an in house team.
  • Must be able to work full time in house.
  • Highly organised and methodical.
  • Experience in ToonBoom Harmony and Stop Motion animation is a plus.

Experienced Compositor 

An experienced Compositor with the following requirements.

  • Must be proficient in After Affects and have a strong online portfolio.
  • Must be able to work independently and with an in house team.
  • Must be able to work full time in house.
  • Highly organised and systematic.
  • Experience in ToonBoom Harmony and Stop Motion animation is a plus.

Compositing Juniors

A Junior Compositors with the following requirements

  • Knowledge of animation is a plus. Must be able to take direction and work as a team.
  • Must have strong organisational skills.
  • Be able to keep up with TV production pipelines.
  • Work full time in house within a 45km radius from Ennis (Proof of residency is required).

Offline Animation Editor

An experienced Animation Editor with the following requirements:

  • Prefer to Have an Editor with TV Animation pipeline experience.
  • Fulltime position, in house.
  • Be responsible for maintaining technical requirements for all deliveries to post production.
  • Developing and creating animation animatics with the directors, ability to follow scripts, and boards, and revision notes.
  • Adding temp sound effects, dialogue, and music to animatcs, and adding final dialogue clips.
  • Maintaining offline assemblies with current assets.
  • Being responsible for communications between all departments.
  • Must have impeccable organizational skills.
  • Must have an online portfolio for review.

Junior Animators

Junior animators with the following requirements:

  • Work with the animation supervisor preparing ToonBoom animation files. 
  • Must be able to follow direction, naming conventions, and tracking system.
  • Knowledge of ToomBoom Harmony is required.
  • Ability to follow review notes and communicates effectively with the animation supervisor.
  • Meet production quotas and be highly organised.
  • Assist animation department per supervisor’s instructions.
  • Able to work in-house and reside within 45km of Ennis (proof of residency is required).
  • Experience on a TV animation pipeline is a plus. 
  • Excellent organisation and attention to detail.

Harmony Riggers

Harmony Riggers with the following requirements:

  • Highly experienced and have the ability to handle complex rigs.
  • Excellent communication skills with attention to detail.
  • Must be able to follow sample rigs provided by the Lead Rigger.
  • Must be able to comfortably follow direction.
  • Meet production quotas and be highly organised.
  • Must be able to work independently and with a team.  
  • Will have the option to work remotely preferably within Ireland.

Assistant Stop Motion Set/Prop Builder

A stop motion set/prop builder who has:

  • Experience with stop-motion is a plus, but we will consider creative talented individuals.
  • Prop making, Set building, Foam carving, and some light carpentry.
  • Online portfolio required with samples of craftsmanship and miniatures.
  • Required to work in house and reside within 45km radius of Ennis.

To Apply: please email your cover letter and CV to: careers@magpie6media.com
Please state in the subject line which role you are applying for.

Short video highlighting Limerick locations lit up in Green for St Patrick’s Day 2021