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Scumbag Millionaire

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Film
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Have been playing with this again… and have decided to show it in colour and shorten a few scenes.



Hi guys,
Scumbag Millionaire will be one of the films shown this Wednesday 4th July at the Mo Cinema event in Cobblestone Joes in Limerick from 9pm.
This is a good chance to catch up with the latest short films being created by film makers both local and national.


Scumbag Millionaire has made the initial cut for the Institute of Videography Awards 2011 (IOV).

This cermony will take place at the ProVideo conference in October of this year.

For more information please click HERE 






Scumbag Millionaire didn’t come away with any awards from the Dare Media Underground Short Film Festival on Saturday night, however we did get short listed into the final three for the Best Director award which is some feat considering there was a large number of films entered. Every film maker loves to get an award but there is also a sense of achievement to be short listed for any category. That you made an impression in some way.

Scumbag millionaire has been a labour of love like most short films but it was the great cast and crew that brought the idea to life.

‘Scumbag Millionaire’, an Applebox Media produced short film, (Director / Writer Simon McGuire, Producer and Co-Writer Francis Ryan) has been shortlisted for the Dare Media UnderGround Short Film Festival in Cork.

UnderGround will run over seven days from July 11th to 17th across a number of Cork City venues.

Thanks again to cast and crew who have dedicated their time and efforts into the project.

Well done also to Michael Kelly from Limerick who has also made the short list with ‘Glimmer’ and ‘Walsh’. (Comedy / Drama Section)

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Production on the short film ‘Scumbag Millionaire’ has finished in the last week. A big thank you to all who were involved in either the acting, crew, setup or striking.

Post Production has been well underway with the original score for the film being composed by the team at Sarmar Studios in Co.Limerick.

The premiere viewing of the film will be on Thursday night, the 14th April at the Millennium Theatre, as part of the LIT Film Festival 2011.

More info soon.

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On Sunday 20th Feb saw the filming of multiple fight sequences for the short film Scumbag Millionaire. The early morning shoot involved both Mark Griffin and myself as crew, with Jason Kenny organizing the fight stunts and Francis Ryan playing the lead part as ‘Danny’.

As you can see from the photos taken by John Garrett, the scene had some high energy hits.

Post Production has started on the pic with just a few scenes left to be shot. The film with get its debut showing at the LIT Film Festival in April of this year. It is also hoped that it will be entered into this year’s Galway Film Fleadh.

More Soon.


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Filming continued today on the short film ‘Scumbag Millionaire’. Actors Francis Ryan (Danny), Jason Kenny (Tommy), Darren Maher (Mick) and John Caplis (Bob) were on location for a difficult early morning start. As you can see in the pictures several locations in the Pery Square area of Limerick were used. Due to the snowy weather the night before extra care was needed to ensure that both the chase scene and fight scene went ahead without injury to any cast and crew. Well done to all involved and thanks for putting up with the cold, early morning start.

Also a special thanks to Jason and Francis for hauling the boxes, mats and tyres for the fight stunt.

Camera Op / Director – Simon McGuire

Sound Op / Camera Assist – Mark Griffin.

Produced by Applebox Media Ltd.


Scumbag Millionaire

Francis Ryan (Danny) & Sean Flynn (Will)

Hi all,

Well its been a while since I posted anything about ‘Scumbag Millioniare’ so i said I would update you.

The shoot is still in progress, (Slowly) and we are gathering props and new locations for the next few scenes to be shot. These will commence very early in the new year.

However to wet your appetite here is a teaser trailer to give you an idea of the style and look of the film.

Scumbag Millionaire Teaser Trailer

More soon.

Last week saw Applebox Media film another scene for the short film Scumbag Millionaire starring Francis Ryan. This scene was filmed on location at the Carpark on Lower Gearldgriffin Street, in Limerick. Penned by Francis and yours truly, the story tells of one mans struggle to get to the top of a gang but quickly realises that its getting out is the goal when alot of money comes into play.

In this scene Francis is met by his friend Will, played by Sean Flynn, who provides him with transport to get around and to avoid being seen.

This production is due to be complete by January 2011.