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Simon on the edit

Simon on the edit

(Taken from Behind the Scenes Website)

Film in a Day has been confirmed for Saturday 22nd June 2013. ‘Film in a Day’ Guidelines for Participants. Date: June 2013 – Saturday 22nd June 2013. Official Registration and Crew Check In, George Hotel, Limerick at 9:00am.

Brief Outline

  • Film in a Day will involve – ‘Idea to Distribution’
  • The script must be a maximum 3 minutes long, and should be ready before  22nd June 2012.
  • All crews should also have their cast, locations etc arranged and any necessary permissions granted.
  • Final DVD’s of the completed film must be submitted to Simon McGuire (Behind the Scenes) at the George Hotel by 5:00pm on Sunday 23rd June 2013..
  • All participants must be over 18.
  • Behind the Scenes does not accept liability for loss, injury or damage caused. (Each Crew is responsible for their own insurance, and Health & Safety commitments).
  • The Behind the Scenes panel reserve the right to not screen films on Monday 24th June, that they feel would not be suitable for a younger audience.


  • A crew consists of five crew members (Actors are not included in this number).
  • All crews are responsible for their own pre-production this should be carried out in advance of Saturday 22nd June 2013.
  • All Scripts should be complete by the date of the event
  • All Permissions for locations should be confirmed and written permission granted in advance of the shoot.
  • Each crew will be responsible for their own cast.


  • Production may only happen on Saturday 22nd June 2013  from 9:00am until the film has to be handed in at the George Hotel by Sunday 23rd June 2013 , by 5:00pm. to Simon McGuire from Behind the Scenes
  • Equipment must be provided by the Crew for each stage of the production (Behind the Scenes will not be responsible for loaning equipment, or repairing equipment on the day).
  • Photographs may be taken on the day for Behind the Scenes’ website , and social media sites, and any subsequent press articles.


  • Final Films should have a maximum duration of 3 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • (3 Minutes for the film and 30 Seconds for the Credits)
  • All completed films will be screened at the LIT Millennium Theatre on Monday 24th June, at 7pm at the Behind the Scenes Monthly Meeting (Subject to meeting gudlines of the Film in a Day Competition..
  • The Films must be submitted on a DATA DVD disc (using YouTube Standards) these should be more than 4.5Gbs.)
  • If by case the film is larger than 4.5 Gbs it must be submitted on a USB stick and that will be returned to the team on the Monday night. All DVD’s MUST BE LABELED with Film Title, Crew Name and  contact telephone number.

Please complete the one of the below forms, crew registration is to be completed by five member crews, the individual registration is for those wishing to work with a crew. Crew Registration. Please fill in this form Individual Registration Please fill in this form



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