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As per IFTN website

UTV Facilities has launched a new curve studio, the largest of its type in Northern Ireland. The new space provides the ability to record a 180 degree viewing angle with the capability to add in any backdrop in post production.
The state of the art facility is 4 metres high with a 7.3m by 6.1m cyclorama whilst the backdrop and the floor of the studio comprises 44.86 sq m of active filming space. The studio can furthmore be adapted from green to any chroma key colour including blue and white. Managing Director of UTV Television, Michael Wilson spoke about the new facility, saying: “This new Green Screen facility at UTV is fantastic news for the creative industry in Northern Ireland. UTV has invested significantly to bring this technology to Belfast and we are looking forward to working with the media and creative industries to experiment with the studio to see just how far we can push its creative boundaries.”

The studio is equipped with full connectivity to an outside broadcast unit or high definition Kachuna 64 input mixer and has direct access to the props department and double door loading bay area. For more information about the studio, which is available to hire, visit