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Simon on the edit – Photo by M.Griffin

This week gone saw three crews of film makers create a ‘Film In A Day’ for this months Behind the Scenes session, and what a trio of films they were. It is by no means an easy feat to bring together so many different people and ideas and create one film let alone three.

With Mark Griffin overseeing the project as a whole, All the teams first met at the George Boutique Hotel in Limerick at 10am on the Sunday. Here Jacinta and her great staff looked after the teas and coffee’s while the teams worked out games plans and other elements for their films.

Filming and editing took place from 11am on the Sunday to 3pm Monday afternoon where the three films then got their chance on the big screen at the Millennium Theatre at Limerick Institute of Technology.

Film 1 – Stamp

This film was very cleverly thought out from beginning to end. With a low dialogue script but heavy on imagery and performances, namely from Maeve McGrath, was shot in 4 different locations including dock road Limerick, raheen and Curraghchase. Given the premise of a post nuclear fallout and betrayal, the audience journeyed with the main character in a battle of survival.

Film 2 – Dr. Noel Hope

Nigel Mercier and Eoin Moloney deliver fantastic comedic perforamces with a heart warming ending that certainly left the audience wanting to see more. With locations on the streets of Limerick and on the quays by the Shannon river, dr.Noel Hope delivers his original advise on unsuspecting patients.

Film 3 – Killer Recession

This was Andrew O’Gorman’s script and more so his moment to show how good of an actor he is too. A chilling piece detailing an interrogation of a terrorist in a city location. With multiple cameras and even a Stephen Hall trademark explosion, chaos ensues as the captor finds his moment to escape.

In all, a great two days and a second ‘film in a day’ is planned for later in the year.

For more information see the Behind The Scenes Website.