Local Heros Meeting

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Cameras, Documentary, media
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Local Heroes is an RTÉ-supported initiative focused on dealing with unemployment through local, citizen-lead initiatives.

The RTÉ TV series ‘Local Heroes – A Town Fights Back’ has shown Drogheda’s citizens coming together to jump-start their local economy and create jobs.

Their imaginative solutions to tackle unemployment, guided by experts, inspired us to create our own Limerick Local Heroes group.

There has been confirmation that Animo TV Production will have a team filming our town hall meeting in  the Strand Hotel on Monday 30 Jan 2012 from 6pm

The same crew was involved in the filming and production of the  RTE series ‘Local Heroes – A Town Fights Back‘ in Drogheda last year.

Our own local Red Paw Media, well known for productions like “Concy Ryan” and the Rubberbandits’ Horse  Outside, who had already kindly agreed to support the Limerick Local Heroes initiative , will also be filming the event.

Every community needs its Local Heroes!


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