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Posted: November 9, 2010 in Film, media
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FLiC’s community film projects involve the development of a series of community based participatory film projects with community groups in Limerick and the surrounding mid west areas. In conjunction with Limerick Institute of Technology, the Arts council, and Limerick City and County Councils the flic projects will create a series of high quality films, working with community groups to develop technical, practical, and personal skills in the area of documentary film making.

FLiC’s Vision

FLiC’s vision is the development of highly creative and technically excellent film productions. To achieve these standards a panel of experienced filmmakers will be created and a suitable filmmaker assigned to each community group. In the project’s initiators Nora Ni Fhlatharta and Michael Mann, themselves broadcast filmmakers with over six years experience in community based film work, standards will be rigorous maintained, with the selection of the filmmaker’s panel decided on by their creative and technical experience in the filmmaking process and co-agreed by the local authorities involved.

Film in the Community

Film is a highly collaborative medium, and in its inception, participatory film brings creative artists directly into the community in an imaginative exploration of the range of cultures and histories of these communities. By working with a diverse range of community groups and filmmakers the FLiC projects will demonstrate the wide diversity of cultural experiences in modern Ireland, specifically of the mid west region. By combining the skills of the artistic film making community with the support of local authorities the FLiC projects will work with a wide range of inter cultural community groups such as Doras Lumimní, Southhill Garda Diversion Initiative, Northside Learning Hub and the Paul Partnership.

As with any film production, organization, scheduling and budgeting are of the upmost importance. Each of the projects will adhere to strict scheduling in production and post- production. In Limerick institute of Technology, FLiC has a valuable collaborator in the provision of high end HD cameras, professional audio equipment and post production houses as well as the technical support it offers to the project leaders and film editors ensuring a polished finish to the films worthy of festival screening. The overall schedule for production will run throughout the summer months, post-production running during the month of September and local screenings in November. The finished films will them be available for festival screening the following year.

The FLiC series of short films (15 -20 minutes) aim to document a broad range of issues and subjects relevant to the local community, by facilitating and empowering groups to tell their own stories. This will be achieved by offering the participants basic foundation training in the areas of scripting, directing, camera and sound operation, and basic editing skills. The participating group is then encouraged to tell their own stories based on the common theme of identity.

For more information on the FLiC Project please contact:

Michael Mann

Tel: 087 6324069

Email: info@fmmedia.ie

Nora Ni Fhlatharta

Tel: 086 1901127

Email: nora.nifhlatharta@lit.ie


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