Posted: October 20, 2010 in Film, media
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This was posted on http://www.filmireland.net/2010/10/20/dare2bdrinkawareie-film-competition/

DARE2BDRINKAWARE, now in its fourth year, is a competition for film and multimedia students, organised by The Digital Hub and sponsored by drinkaware.ie. The competition challenges students to explore the relationship between Irish culture and drinking through a film or multimedia project.

The deadline for submission of project proposals to the Digital Hub is November 11th 2010; these can also be submitted online.

Prizes of € 1,000 will be awarded for the winners of the ‘Official Award’ as well as the ‘People’s Choice’. Films can be of any genre and filmmakers are invited to use any video recording devices ranging from HD cameras to mobile phones.

The deadline for completed entries is March 18th 2011.

For more information on how to enter visit DARE2BDRINKAWARE.ie



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