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Posted: September 16, 2010 in media
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Hi all, Well just back lecturing at LIT and low and behold we have Avid Media Composer 5 installed on all the suites. We have been running tests today to see if the intergration works with the Avid Unity server and so far there have been only a few small path issues which have been sorted.

The interface is pretty much the same folks, Avid is a bit like Porsche in that they tend to leave the look of the product the same but only tweak the performance and price as it suits them.

With the positioning of the tools on the left of the timeline and a few graphical changes MC5 seems to have pretty much the same build performance as its previous version.

MC5 does have a few new tricks however… this is taken from the website. It make interesting reading. Enjoy.

  • Directly access and edit RED files through AMA, without transcoding (images are scaled to HD frame size)
  • Work natively with QuickTime video formats, including Apple ProRes and H.264
  • Edit video and audio by dragging and dropping elements in the timeline
  • Keep high-end finishing projects in-house and gain great color precision with HD-RGB support (including dual-link I/O support with Nitris DX systems)
  • Monitor video externally with support for the Matrox MXO2 Mini
  • Mix and match frame sizes and aspect ratios — in addition to formats, frame rates, and resolutions — in the same timeline
  • Take a break during long renders and have your system email you when the job’s done
  • Import AVCHD files directly from cameras and other devices
  • Capture to and edit XDCAM HD and DVC PRO HD formats from baseband without additional hardware
  • Access low-res XDCAM proxies for offline work, with full-quality audio
  • Import text-based ancillary data and embed it in the video signal with the new “Data Track” and SMPTE 436M support using Nitris DX- and Mojo DX-based systems
  • View stereo audio tracks as single channels in the timeline for easier handling
  • Create high-quality sounds and mixes with support for RTAS audio processing plug-ins
  • Natively access and edit 4:2:2 MPEG-2 media from the new Canon cameras using AMA

You can read about these new features in more detail here:

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