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Kemmy is a documentary on the legacy of the late Limerick politician Jim Kemmy.

This story examines  how Jim Kemmy’s courage and vision brought about social, ideological, and economic change in Ireland and in his native city.

Directed and produced by Dave Burns & Edited by Simon McGuire, ‘Kemmy‘ is due to hit the film festival circuit in the Autumn of 2017.

Simon finishing the edit on “Kemmy”


Croke Park 2007 : No Words Needed

Croke Park 2007 – Press Release

February 24th 2007, the day that Ireland hosted England in the Six-Nations rugby championship, is a date that holds huge significance in Irish sporting history. The venue, Croke Park, was the scene of a massacre when during the War of Independence British Military Forces entered the ground and opened fire killing fourteen people, including Tipperary’s player Michael Hogan. This day became known as Bloody Sunday.

On the lead up to the game there were fears of trouble. How would the Irish react to the official visit of an English team to play in Croke Park? The last time English presence was significant at this venue, they came uninvited, unannounced and with such devastating consequences on Bloody Sunday, 21st November 1920? What would the reaction be to the unthinkable happening of the British flag flying over Croke Park?

This documentary examines the debate and struggle to modify the restriction of the playing of non-Gaelic games in GAA stadiums, so that rugby and soccer could be played at Croke Park during the renovations at Landsdowne Road.

Never before had performance and result weighed so heavily on the shoulders of any team. Never before had a pre-match ceremony of anthems been so scrutinised and debated. The significance was much more than the playing of England’s ‘God Save the Queen’; it was about how we – the Irish – in the cradle of our national games and the beacon for our modern identity would react to its playing.

Croke Park 2007 is a fascinating insight into perhaps the most significant sporting event in Irish history. A host of political, sporting and cultural leaders tell of their experiences in the run up to the event and the day of the game itself.

List of interviewees:

Irish Rugby Players 

Jerry Flannery

David Wallace

Shane Horgan

Denis Hickie

Denis Leamy

Rory Best

Paddy Wallace


Gerry Thornley (Rugby Correspondent for the Irish Times)

David Walsh (The Sunday Times)

Eamon Dunphy (Broadcaster and Journalist)


Sean Kelly M.E.P. (Former President of the GAA)

Oliver Hughes (Wolfe Tones GAA Club, Co. Derry)


Bertie Ahern (Former Taoiseach)


Eddie O’Sullivan (Head-Coach of Ireland in 2007)


Martin Corry (Former England Rugby Player)


Conor O’Shea (Commentator in Croke Park)


Diarmaid Ferriter (Historian)


Micheal O’Muircheartaigh (Retired RTE broadcaster)




The Sons of Robert Schuman


Directed by Tommy Conlon


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Yet more continuing good news for Limerick Film today, following on from other acceptances and acknowledgements, Tommy Conlon has been nominated for Best Director at the Largo Film Awards 2016.

The film was also selected for both the Norwich Radical Film Festival and  the ‘Move Me Productions Belgium Online Short Film Festival.


An Irishman, a Frenchman, a German and an Italian are working in the public relations department at the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels.

On this particular day they are each giving guided tours to visitors. They explain the history of the EEC/EU. Naturally they portray it is a visionary project, built on the ideals of great statesmen who after World War 2 dedicated themselves to a future Europe of peace and prosperity.


Tours over for the day, they return to their office upstairs. Whereupon they swiftly begin haranguing each other, insulting the others’ countries, resorting to caricature and national stereotypes. The united façade presented earlier to the public has disintegrated.

Writer’s note

While this film is essentially satirical in intention, and hopefully comedic in its execution, the writer is trying to make a point about basic nature. Can human beings successfully erase their tribal identities and atavistic instincts for the sake of a greater common good? And is the vast EU project, currently generating widespread resentment across the continent, ultimately a chimera that cannot be sustained.

Shot on location in Dublin, and edited here in Limerick, the short has a particular contemporary feel with the current unfolding news stories of the Euro 2016 and the UK Brexit referendum.
Tommy’s previous film ‘Play it Again Son!’, has had previous success at the 2015 Limerick Film Festival, winning the award for best acting for Pius McGrath’s performance.

The Sons of Robert Schuman is currently doing the rounds on the Irish Film Festival circuit as well as the European stages. As information on screenings become available they will be posted here.

Congrats Tommy.



Film Limerick Trilogy

This ambitious trilogy was the brain child of Film Limerick Project manager Roan Cassidy and was part of the Limerick City of Culture 2014 Film legacy. The team at Behind the Scenes provided the structure support but it was the film makers and upcoming talent that helped make this project of three short films realised.

The Apparel

Apparel poster B-2

Directed by Peter Delaney this comes first in the timeline of the three films. Shot over four days in multiple locations in the inner city this film has a quirky and humorous at times story line.

Day off

Day Off poster D

Filming on Day Off

Filming on Day Off

Directed by Stephen Hall, this is the second of the three films in the timeline. There are several visual and story links between the three films which is a challenge to get right for the post team.


Day_Time 2


Directed by Paul Corey this is the last of the three films which sees two characters intertwine there different personalities in a friction induced relationship that tests both of them.

All three films are complete and are making there way to film festivals in the coming weeks and months


Play It Again Son!

Pius McGrath as Sean South.

Pius McGrath as Sean South.

This is the debut film from Limerick Writer and Director, Tommy Conlon. Pius McGrath who plays Sean South has recently won the award for Best Acting at the Limerick Film Festival 2015.





Recently completed a series of promotional videos for the Zero Grazer from Grasstech. Filming took place in Kerry, Galway, Louth, Meath and Cavan with the post being completed here in Limerick.



The Suffering Kind

TSK Shoot

THE SUFFERING KIND directed by Kevin Liddy (Country, Horse) with cinematography by Oscar® nominated Declan Quinn (Rachel Getting Married, The Reluctant Fundementalist, Leaving Las Vegas). The film stars Keith Leonard, Reagan Bongiorno, Vahe Katros, Edward Crawford, Joe James.

Somewhere up the Hudson river, two men, an inner city priest and a sanitation worker, grapple with the ghosts of their past, the longings that haunt them and a chance to set them free. What happens when the treasure you seek is inside you?

(Taken from

The film has finished in post production with myself at the helm and was cut on Avid Media Composer.

the suffering kind POSTER




Canon DwyerLow Tides…High Crosses

Currently in Post is a short documentary detailing the communities of Drumcliffe-Ennis, Kilnasoolagh-Newmarket-on-Fergus and Kilfarboy- Spanish Pt.


An image of the edit for the new promotional video for The Zipyard.
Used Adobe Premiere on this one as there was a lot of photoshop editing involved. Dynamic Link was burning by the end of this half hour cut.


Work on the editing of the St Patrick’s Day Festival 2013 for the Limerick Communications office is now complete.

Some great floats, colour and music was captured.



Just finished are the VT inserts for a live live discussion on Lance Armstrong which will take place in the Lime Tree theatre in Limerick on February 25th.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong


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