One Giant Leap

Produced by Simon McGuire, featuring Zeb Moore and The Royal DeLuxe project that took place in September 2014.


Play it Again Son

Directed by Tommy C. Conlan  and edited by myself.

Pius McGrath as Sean South.

Pius McGrath as Sean South.

Brief Description soon.


The Suffering Kind

‘The Suffering Kind’ is a film about the power of delusion and the longings that haunt us.

This journey for me started with teaming up with my friend and cinematographer Declan Quinn over Christmas a year ago. From an idea to a script- without the help from my brother and his partner, Dermot and Lisa, none of it would have happened-  and through all the rest of it, Declan was there sourcing favors and calling friends, discussing the shots  and requirements. From the heady-ness of my return to the set in over a decade to bringing back the lights a mere 5 days later, the shoot was a great experience- fast and furious- as we  stole as much as we could.

From there to editing the wonderful looking footage that Declan also shot, working it, allowing it to talk to you, being wrong and sometimes actually right! – the film is very nearly there.

With the help of Producer Brian Willis and our hard working editor, Simon McGuire, we’ve come a long way from the shoot in May last year.

On the trailer you can hear a sneak preview of the original score, by Rori Coleman.

The film is a story about the disenfranchised, the lost and lonely and the nights that loom over all of us when the blues come to town. Its about holding on and letting go, all at the same time. And I would be grateful if you would consider supporting us to whatever  level you can. I hope it to be be a sensual and poetic piece, a story told in the key of life.

Thank you.


Kevin Liddy, Director.

Simon (editor) with Kevin Liddy (Dir) and Rori Coleman (music) at the screening of The Suffering Kind.

Simon (editor) with Kevin Liddy (Dir) and Rori Coleman (music) at the screening of The Suffering Kind.


Killer Recession

This was Andrew O’Gorman’s script and more so his moment to show how good of an actor he is too. A chilling piece detailing an interrogation of a terrorist in a city location.

Cast & Crew:
Andy O’Gorman
Simon Mcguire
Stephen Hall
Graeme O’C
Tendai Manuel
Micael Byrne

Scumbag Millionaire

Directors Cut (Colour)

Scumbag Millionaire Pictures

Thanks again to cast and crew who have dedicated their time and efforts into the project.

The Script for part two is under way. Production will hopefully begin sometime in 2013/14.

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