Media Education Summit 2016 -Rome

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On November 4-5 2016, I will be one of many presenters at the Media Educational Summit in Rome, Italy. I will be presenting a short piece on my doctorate research to date titled: Crafting the Pedagogy. See Abstract below:

Research Question:

What can be learned about craftsmanship and how it can then inform teaching and learning?

Keywords:   Craftsmanship, pedagogy, practice, space, tools


As technology improves convenience and comfort of teaching and learning, there are questions on how craftsmanship is affected in higher education. As a craftsman of film editing, passing on my experience and knowledge is becoming more difficult with these technology changes.

When proposing the research question: Can we learn anything pedagogically from the craft of editing, the journey of exploring and understanding the craft and challenges for teaching began. Through qualitative methods of video interviews and visual observations, an action research plan will be formed to test out the interpretations of the participants. These include editors, lecturers and students of editing in higher education. Those different interpretations are the main focus of this research and after sufficient investigating and analysis may allow for new understandings of teaching the craft and how it is consumed in the lecture room. Thus far, initial findings in analysis of the digital images created in a pilot study have indicated the importance the participants put on space and tools versus the practice. An action research change in space and tools may encourage students to engage with the craft, defining how the practitioner teaches craftsmanship and bridging the gap between practice and education.


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Biography – Simon McGuire

With over 20 years experience in Film and Broadcast Editing, Simon teaches his craft at Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland, and is undertaking a Doctorate of Education with Bournemouth University.

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