Delighted to be selected to give a presentation on part of my research at the Media Educational Summit 2020, at the University of Leeds in April.

Each year the Media Education Summit brings together a global network of researchers, educators and practitioners working across all aspects of media education, media and digital literacy and media / technology in education.

The event is the leading global showcase for research, pedagogy and innovation on all aspects of media education.

This year’s conference theme is: Media Education, Diversity and Voice

With some interesting keynote speakers lined up for the two day event, I look forward to gaining new insights for my doctorate research and meeting some of the other speakers and presenters in Leeds.

Here is the abstract for my presentation entitled:

“Encouraging new and diverse identities (and voices) in Higher Education through


ABSTRACT (Conference paper)


identity, education, craft, craftsmanship, presentation of self.

“In modern society there is far greater scope for skill and craftsmanship than in any

previous society.” (Frayling, 2011)

Educators, in traditional media such as television and film practice based skills, have a

constant battle with keeping their students focused and fixed on the creative practice. With

social media and its influence on content production, pushing the desire for instant

gratification, students look for “the app for that” to achieve what the craftspeople have

mastered before them, thus missing out on the discovery of the processes and skills that

could define their own identity.

Using the goals of ‘presentation of self’ with identity in education, and combining them with

the technical skills of a craftsperson, new diverse student voices could be formed though

professional practice in higher education.

Author’s Bio

With over twenty five years experience in Film and Broadcast Editing, Simon teaches his

craft at Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland and is undertaking a Doctorate of

Education in Creative Media Practice at Bournemouth University.


Frayling, C. (2011). On craftsmanship. 2nd ed. London: Oberon Books Ltd.

Goffman, E. (2007). The presentation of self in everyday life. London [u.a.]: Penguin


Sennett, R. (2009). Craftsman (UK Edition). London: Penguin Books.

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