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In todays Limerick Leader is the UL student driven, newspaper Limerick Voice, in which is a feature on the Local Film Making Talent in Limerick and the mid-west region. Thanks to journalist Jane O’Flaherty for the stories and coverage.

Click on the images for the scanned articles.

Limerick Voice Article 1 Limerick Voice Article 2


Following a tough decision, huge interest and entry list, Ronan Cassidy and the team have announced the two winning films that will receive a €15,000 bursary in conjunction with Behind The Scenes and Limerick City of Culture 2014.

(Taken from Behind The Scenes Website)

Limerick City of Culture 2014 in partnership with Behind the Scenes has announced the two winners of the extremely competitive Film Limerick Scheme, who were selected from 131 applicants. The commissions have been awarded to:

  • Cashell Horgan of Babyjane Productions – The Clock Makers Doll
  • Liam O’Neill of Paradox Pictures – Lost and Found

Commenting on the commissions, Ronan Cassidy, Film Limerick Project Manager said ‘Film Limerick is a hugely important part of the legacy project for Limerick City of Culture. It has greatly increased awareness of the resources available to film makers in the city. The massive interest in the project will further the aim of Limerick City becoming a film production hub and a major source of employment in the region.

What is most encouraging about the initiative is the extraordinarily high standard in the applications we received. Only two projects could be selected but there is a great wealth of Irish writing talent and it is important to support and encourage this skill.

I would like to thank all the applicants and wish them every success in their future careers. I am looking forward to working with the successful teams in the coming months.’

The Clock Makers Doll, is set in a fictional world, home to the most unusual collection of automatas created. Here a clockmaker lives with his beloved wife who one day dies. Crazed with despair he decides to replace her by building a doll but fails to achieve the perfection he desires. With pressure on him to complete his task before time runs out, he soon realises that the key to the perfect woman is in her heart not her head. The director Cashell Horgan is a multi award winning filmmaker and has been an Oscar shortlist nominee. Filming is scheduled for early March.

Lost and Found, is the charming story of a resourceful young boy and his mother who are trying to come to terms with the recent death of his father.  The boy resorts to petnapping local animals and trading them in for rewards, in order to assist his struggling mother. The film will be directed by Liam O’Neill, who has an extensive track record as a screenwriter, director and producer.  This film is due to go into production February 16th 2015.

I am looking forward to working closely with Ronan and the two crews in promoting Limerick as a viable destination for film making and anticipate a massive interest and excitement as we see these films along with the Film Limerick Training Films (SEE HERE) being produced. Well done to the Behind the Scenes members who applied and / or helped out on this big project, especially Ronan Cassidy, Paul Corey and Mark Griffin. Also a special mention to Limerick City of Culture team, Sheila Deegan and Kathy O’Grady for their help and guidance. Finally  The first bit is complete… now the difficult work begins.




Film Limerick in conjunction with Behind the Scenes have announce there details of their Film Training Project.

I am delighted to be lending my talents in Post Production to the editors and hopefully mentor the editors in creating not just great films but a knowledge base from which they can draw from and hopefully implement into their future productions.

Below is taken from the Behind The Scenes Website:



• Development of training program for film practitioners.
• Increase the professionalism of filmmaking in Limerick
• Increase the opportunity for film making
• Build and promote the film legacy project.
• Showcase Limerick Filmmaking talent


• There will be three short films made.
• The films will be shot in Limerick.
• They will be written, directed, crewed and acted by people living in or from Limerick.
• They will be in every sense that matters, Limerick films.
• The project will be mentored by industry professionals
• The project requires involvement of everyone.
• Train people in small groups by interaction and on the job learning.
• Train people in larger groups for overview


Gerry Stembridge Writing
Paddy Jordan Director of Photography
Ronan Cassidy Sound
John Haugh 1st Assistant Director
Patrick Cassidy Music composition
Simon McGuire Post Production


Three short films will be made, all using local filmmakers. The project will be mentored by Industry professionals. In the first instance Gerry Stembridge has agreed to come on board for this project.

Gerry has selected three writers from Behind The Scenes Members. He will work with the writers individually to make each script as good as it can be, and he will also take an overview, look for connecting features and elements that will create links between the stories.
The writers will be given maximum freedom to tell whatever story they want to tell. The stories must be contemporary, preferably unfold within a limited time period and the city itself must be the canvas. The use of locations in the city will be at the heart of the films. Even though the films will be quite separate stories and will work as stand-alone films, seen together they will be more than the sum of their parts.

Three teams will effective then be created with everyone taking part. There will be three writers, three directors, three DOP’s, three sound operators, three original music scores, etc., and each role will be mentored by the designated industry professional.
This is the first round of training which will take place in small groups by ‘on the job learning’
The second round of training will be delivered in larger groups where an overview will be delivered and we can discuss as a group with the mentors what we have learned.
Gerry Stembridge will also work with the directors on casting to secure the best available talent for these stories. He will also oversee the shoot and edit to ensure the important linking elements between the stories are taken care of, so that the final product stands up as a single entity.


This project has very exciting possibilities considering the industry names we have managed to secure. It will require everyone to join in the spirit of the project and it is something which will have ongoing benefits far beyond what might be achieved by delivering workshops alone.
Our training project will deliver three short films while at the same time training our members with industry professionals. This gives our members (both starting out and established filmmakers) the opportunity to acquire much needed film credits while receiving first class training.

BIOGRAPHIES: (selection)

Gerry Stembridge is an Irish writer, director, actor, novelist and playwright. He has made films such as Nora, Guilt trip and the hit romantic comedy About Adam as well as writing the script for Ordinary Decent Criminal. As a television producer he brought us Nitehawks and with the late Dermot Morgan was the driving force behind the radio series Scrap Saturday.

Patrick Jordan is an Oscar nominated Irish cinematographer. Working predominately on documentary, drama and advertising projects, recent work includes commercials for Tourism Ireland, the feature film Akron shot in rural Ohio and a documentary about Robin Walker and modernist architecture. Award winning projects include the Oscar nominated short film, Pentecost, the feature film, Stitches starring Ross Noble as well as a documentary on the Japanese American animator Jimmy Murakami. At the 2014 Galway Film Fleadh, Patrick won the Donal Gilligan Award for Best Cinematography for
his work on the film Volkswagen Joe.

Patrick Cassidy is A renowned Irish born composer of great distinction, Patrick Cassidy came into prominence with the release of the Children of Lir, the first major symphonic written in the Irish language. Recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra, it remained at Number One in the Irish Classical Charts for over a year. Distinguished by his emergence as Ireland’s most prominent composer, the BBC produced a documentary reflecting this seminal work.
“Famine Remembrance” was commissioned to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Great Irish Famine. It received its premiere in 1996 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York with the accompanying narration read by Angelica Huston. In 2007 the work was performed at the opening of Toronto’s Ireland Park with the President of Ireland Mary Mc Aleese in attendance.
Patrick resides in Los Angeles where in addition to concert work he scores films. Notable credits include; Hannibal, King Arthur, Layer Cake, Ashes and Snow, Kingdom of Heaven, Kill The Irishman, Calvary.

Please to express your interest in the above Film Limerick Training Scheme.

Please include the following:



Phone Number:

Preferred Crew Role 1: e.g Assistant Director

Preferred Crew Role 2:


Thank You for your interest in the Film Limerick Training Scheme – More training dates will be announced in due course.




Following on, from what was an incredible weekend to be remembered, here is the short documentary ‘One Giant Leap’ featuring local Limerick actor; Zeb Moore, retelling the story of his experience working with ‘Granny’ and the Royal DeLuxe in Limerick (Sept 2014).

Shot over the three days on location in Limerick City.

Special thanks to Zeb Moore, for his generous time to talk in this piece, as well as the team in Limerick City of Culture 2014 including: Sheila Deegan, Olivia O’Sullivan, Lavinia Duggan and Mike Fitzpatrick.

All the music is by Michel Augier, Royal DeLuxe La Bande Originale!

Documentary Produced by Simon McGuire

Please enjoy and share.




Behind The Scenes is back tonight. Dolans Pub on the Dock road at 7pm.
See you there.


Behind The Scenes is back tonight. Dolans Pub on the Dock road at 7pm.
See you there.


Following the successful Premiere of his latest short film ‘The Suffering Kind’, at the Galway Film Fleadh, two of Kevin Liddy’s previous masterpieces of cinema, ‘Horse’ and ‘A Soldier’s Song’ will be screened at The Red Hen in Limerick tonight from 7:30pm. Motion Pictures at the Mezz is the brain child of Kevin Kiely Jr. and features different local talent every fortnight.

There’s no charge and Kevin Liddy will be in attendance. Check out Kevin’s Website HERE


Brimstone filming.

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Recently we completed filming footage for promotional content for Brimstone Steakhouse Bar and Grill.
Located at Riverpoint, Bishops Quay, this fantastic restaurant is becoming one of Limericks must eat out spots with excellent service and a cocktail bar to discover fresh new tastes.
Highly Recommend you check it out!


Ronan Cassidy Appointed Project Manager at Film Limerick
19 Jun 2014 : Deirdre Molumby

The Limerick City of Culture in partnership with Behind the Scenes, has announced the appointment of Ronan Cassidy to the role of Project Manager-Film Limerick.
This new position has been established to promote and encourage Limerick to realise its potential as a film producing hub. It also aims to develop a number of projects that form part of the legacy for Limerick in 2014 during its year as National City of Culture. Behind the Scenes now replaces the Film Pillar of Limerick City of Culture.

At the heart of the Film Limerick Project is a unique and exciting scheme to produce two short films using Limerick as a location. With a budget of €15,000 each the selected projects will be filmed later this year. This will facilitate the long term goal of encouraging both established and emerging film makers to come to Limerick.

Ronan Cassidy commented on his new role, stating: “I am deeply honoured to have been given the opportunity to take up the post of Project Manager -Film Limerick. Having been involved in various roles in the world of the arts, film and television production, I’m thrilled with this opportunity.

“I’m looking forward to working with the staff of the City of Culture and Behind the Scenes. I’m confident, in taking up this position that I will be able to contribute to the promotion of Limerick City, as a film making location and the development of the film industry locally.”

In collaboration with Behind the Scenes, Ronan will now be responsible for encouraging local and national filmmakers to tell their stories through the film scheme; developing an educational and training programme for emerging film makers; and promoting film culture throughout Limerick.

He will also support local film festivals, promote local films in international competition, and positioning Limerick as a location for international audio-visual productions by offering advice on locations, creative resources, as well as with technical assistance and financial incentives.

Simon McGuire, co-founder of Behind the Scenes, commented “We would like to congratulate Ronan on his appointment as Project Manager. Since its inception in 2011, Behind the Scenes has strived to promote film, TV and video production in Limerick and the Mid-West area.

”The Film Limerick Project presents a unique opportunity to cement Limerick as a film making hub of the Mid-West. We look forward to working closely with Ronan, City of Culture and the film makers to establish an enduring legacy for Limerick.”

Welcoming the announcement, Art and Culture Manager Sheila Deegan, said: “On behalf of the Limerick City of Culture I am delighted that someone of the calibre and experience of Ronan Cassidy has agreed to serve as Project Manager for Film Limerick. His challenge will be to oversee the selection and production of two short films. His long term objective will be to bring Limerick as a film location to the attention of Irish directors, writers, actors and producers which in turn will increase the employment potential of the local audio visual sector.”

For further information on this scheme, contact


Hi all
We would like to say a big ‘Hi’ to our friends at the ‘Richard Harris Film Festival’

Here is a breakdown on what the festival is about from their website:

This new Irish film festival will celebrate the life and works of Dickie Harris.  Dickie was not only a well-known Limerick and Irish actor but singer, theatrical producer, poet and film director of immense ability and charisma.  This film festival is to celebrate his unique talent in the city where he was born and raised.  Along with viewings of his most iconic films such as ‘The Field’, ‘This Sporting Life’, ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘Camelot’, the festival will be a showcase for young film makers, feature filmmakers from the Irish Diaspora, theatrical performers, poets, singers and writers.

“On behalf of the organising committee I would like to thank you for your interest in the inaugural Richard Harris International Film Festival.

The idea for this festival emerged during a meeting about ‘the Gathering’ in Limerick city last October. The festival was inaugurated to ensure Richard Harris’s enduring legacy was honoured in his native city. The committee felt that an annual film festival that promoted Irish film makers living abroad was the most apposite way to honour Richard.

We strongly believe that the Irish film-making diaspora should be encouraged toshowcase their work here in Ireland -in this the year of ‘theGathering’.  However ‘the Gathering’ doesn’t have to end this year and we believe this festival will be part of the festival calendar for many years to come. Plans are already well in place to make next year’s festival bigger and even better as Limerick celebrates its designation as City of Culture.

Ireland punches above its weight in terms of  acting and film-making talent, Michael Fassbender, Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson and Saoirse Ronan continue to fly the flag for the Irish film industry but it was Richard Harris that paved the way for these stars in Hollywood.

Richard Harris was an actor, singer, theatrical producer, writer, poet & film director of immense ability and charisma. His versatility was evident in his varied film roles whether he was playing a Roman Emperor, a wizard, a tenant-farmer or a mutineer.

Harris’s career and personality necessitated a peripatetic life but Limerick and the Shannon region remained close to his heart – therefore we are delighted to bring Richard home this December.

We hope that this is a festival that can showcase beautiful Limerick City and its environs toan international audience.

Most of all we hope to see you here in Limerick on December 6th to the 8th.”

Rob Gill (Festival Director)

For more information please click their website HERE